EARTHBOUND: Gone but Not Far Away

Earthbound is a guide to understanding more about what happens when we become ghosts. With stories from the Author's perspective, this book is about helping to lift that stigma, the fear and ease the grief of death. Death  is not the ultimate end!!!

Meet The Author

Pamela Grady

Hailing from Florida, Pamela Grady is an internationally known author, spiritual teacher, and naturally gifted psychic-medium who is on a mission to transform the industry through her writings and comprehensive mediumship/psychic development programs. Pamela’s most recent book, Earthbound: Gone but not Far Away is a collection of the stories she’s garnered through years of talking to spirits. She is hoping this book will help others realize there is life after death. Other than talking to dead people, Pamela thinks her life is ordinary, but those that read her books, or take her courses may feel differently.


Pamela focuses on writing about her own experiences; having some wild ones with all types of spirits! She is currently working on two more books, “Angel Whispers” and “You’re not Crazy, You’re Psychic”. To make her services as widely available as possible, Pamela books by internet, phone, or in person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I wanted to share the knowledge that I have acquired from using my gifts with the world.

November 16th I am a Scorpio.

My stories come from my many personal experiences. My books are NOT fiction.

I am not religious. I was a Ordained Christian Minster but I left that calling to fully focus on my gifts without the restrictions or religious beliefs. My only religion is love.

Yes I teach courses on Mediumship & Psychic Development twice a year. Classes fill up fast make sure to get on the waiting list if you are interested. I also have single classes on a variety of topics. Sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop.

Yes, I do host a private invitation only event that is called Spirit Night or Spirit Brunch depending on time. If you are interested in being invited to one of these private events contact me and we will add your name to the waiting list. Events are mostly in Florida. Although I do travel when I get multiple requests from areas, I am interested in visiting.

Sign up for my newsletter. Join my Facebook group and or page.

Sorry, but for legal reasons, I do not read or accept story ideas.

I can’t. I just get too many requests like this to keep up with them and get my own work done.

I have many books and Ideas for books two that are in publishing now are “You’re Not Crazy You’re Psychic” and Angel Whispers. You can order presale copies now.

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Pamela Grady

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