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Black Economics: The Art And Science Of Power And Wealth

This book would give the Black Community insight into building generational wealth and having a great name in their communities and beyond.

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Teneshia Spencer

Teneshia Spencer widely known as the Distinguished CEO is a newly author contributing to the success of this book. She lives on the west coast with her loving parents & siblings. She is a serial entrepreneur & executive ranging in success within the health care sector, CBD/Hemp industry, Spirits, Wine & Liquor, Real Estate & the Transportation & Logistic industry. Before she started authoring books. Teneshia obtained several graduate degrees in Master of Business Administration from Regis University and Master of Science in Health Care Policy & Management from Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College.


Teneshia Spencer is the #1 best selling author for December. Click here to read article.

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Teneshia Spencer

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